About Us

We are a contract sales organization and creative marketing consultancy with an extensive track record and range of experience across many market sectors.

We not only create successful sales ideas for our clients, we then lead and implement those same ideas through to an agreed conclusion. We enjoy large, challenging and tough assignments.

Our services include:

facilitated business development (BD) workshops: teaching our attitude and approach to BD, an example would be stepping through a proven scalable cold calling process designed to open important doors…especially relevant when targeting high value targets.

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sales creative’s: prospect identification and capture, identifying advertising options, marketing campaigns using shoestring budgets, scripts and workflows for inbound and outbound call centers, web copy, writing and distributing press releases and case studies, and organizing sales events and seminars.

cold calling: which we do to your targeted clients. We’re well experienced and geared to call (volume) prospects located in any English speaking country around the globe acting on your behalf. We talk directly to difficult people to reach, set appointments and create solid beachheads for your business development executives to follow.

direct sales representation: this option exists where the target customer(s) is located in Western Australia (metro or regional). We highlight that we have many years experience selling to the Oil & Gas and Mining and Resource sectors around Australia but particularly W.A.


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