“Steve, the professionalism and experience you and the Prospective marketing team displayed during the entire project only enforces why DKG Creative have you as part of our value-add services that we offer our clients”
Gary Pudney, DGK Creative

“Just a quick note to say I love hearing from you. Keep up the fantastic work!”.
Kirk Zulsdorf, LMSi

“…the event was a success thanks to your mind blowing marketing skills!”
Matt Rose, WestNet Consultants

“…who I believe is one of the best ‘ideas men’ in Australia. His name is Steve Bethell”.
Peter Morley, Belhus Racing Stables

”You have made my day with the news about (withheld) – well done!  That prospect has been going around in circles for as long as I can remember…
finally we have our foot in the door – thank you”
Client’s name withheld, Finance industry.

“You have done very well grasshopper!”
John Goodman, Ramesys Global

“Did I ever tell you .. I LOVE YOU !!!
I understand why Shane had you as the first member of his team.  You are the best confidence builder and whatever you call the person who helps another person keep going for their dream . that I’ve ever met”.
Sally Han, Omniware

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